Ending 2014 With A Blast – Happy Hour Calligraphy Workshop

The 29th of November marked the last Happy Hour Beginners’ class for 2014! Woohoo! It was my first time to have it at a different location, due to numerous requests to have it in the city centre. The class was held at Coffeemin at Clarke Quay Central.

Happy Hands Project Calligraphy Workshop

The first time I stepped into Coffemin’s private room, I was pretty impressed with its floor to ceiling glass wall because on a beautiful day, it only means one thing – gorgeous natural light! Oh, and it was indeed a beautiful day when we had our class! Its white walls were perfect for the original artworks that I always bring. There was going to be another bare wall, so I thought I’d write and draw some informative posters.

Happy Hands Project Calligraphy Workshop

Here are more photos from the workshop! As always, thanks to everyone who came and for being so patient! Hugs to my husband who took these photos for me and helped with the setup, and to the wonderful people at Coffeemin for having us.

Happy-Hour-Workshop-Dec2014-5 Happy-Hour-Workshop-Dec2014-4 Happy Hands Project Calligraphy Workshop

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