Printable Valentine’s Day Card


When I was about 10, we had a craft project in school for Valentine’s Day. We were asked to bring old greeting cards and recycle them to make a new one. Oh, how thrilled I was! With school glue and scissors in hand, I cut up hearts and pictures to make a Valentine card for my Mom. I remember trying to make a heart (or flower, my memory is already a bit bleary) pop up when the card is opened.

I managed to make a small cardboard accordion and glued the heart (or flower!) on top of it. Kind of like a Jack-in-the-Box effect. The pop-up heart didn’t surprise my Mom at all, but it sure did make her happy.

YouAreLoved Card

As a tribute to my childhood tradition of handmade cards, I made a watercolor illustration last weekend for my Mom and Aunts. I’m sharing this with you so we can all extend some handmade love to the people we care about. Spread the love!

Download the printable card here.

Bee-Themed Birthday Party Invitations


First Bday-1B

What a year it has been! Our daughter has turned one! We celebrated this milestone at Shakey’s Pizza – and Lori enjoyed every minute of it!

My husband and I decided on a bee-themed party, as it was the most suitable for our girl. She’s very active, always a busy bee, always fluttering about. So once we had the theme down, I started on the invites.

We deviated from the predictable yellow and black and settled on yellow orange, lime and magenta… and everything fell into place. I had a lot of fun planning all the DIYs for the party. It wasn’t easy, but still a lot of fun! I made bee antenna headbands to serve as party hats, name tags and goodie bags with Thank You labels, plus an A3 sized framed poster. Since there was no available baker’s twine in the party’s colors, I made a few yards myself. I liked the way it turned out because it matched everything else!

First Bday-2

First Bday-6

The highlight of the party of course, goes to the hysterical magic show and pretty balloons by Leny’s Party Needs. A bee party will not be complete without a beehive cake! Gervy of Gervy’s Amazing Cakes designed a super yummy lemon butter cake and chocolate cake bars. The staff at Shakey’s Katipunan were very pleasant to work with. But the best part? Lori had the time of her life! Thank you so much to our family and friends who were there to celebrate with us.

First Bday-4 First Bday-3

First Bday-5

Photos courtesy of Liyan Aprieto

Washi Tape Covered Wooden Pegs


Pegs and Washi-3

I love washi tape. I can hear a chorus of ladies screaming at me now, saying, “WHO DOESN’T?”. It has now been a staple in my treasure trove of crafting supplies.

I remember buying my first six rolls of mt Tape in Tokyo a few years ago, not really knowing what I’d do with them. Fast forward to 2013, and I’ve got rolls and rolls of these colorful paper tapes! I order them from all over – from US and HK shops in Etsy to local shops here in Singapore. You might say I’m a bit weird, because I have this certain attachment to things. I love my washi tape stash so much that I feel that every project I use it for should be useful, and working on it should be simple yet worthwhile.

Last month I was thinking of putting up buntings with my little family’s photos attached to wooden pegs. Well, I must admit I never got to printing the photos yet (let alone selecting which ones get printed!) so I started on ‘prettifying’ my pegs first. And this is so not a tutorial. This is something so straightforward that it doesn’t need much explanation!

Pegs and Washi-1

All you need is a roll (or a dozen – that’s up to you!) of washi tape, plain wooden pegs, a sharp cutter or X-Acto knife, and a rubber cutting mat or a stack of newspapers.


  1. Align one side of your tape to one side of your peg. Don’t worry about not getting it perfect the first time as washi tape doesn’t stick to the wood like Superglue. Just lift it and re-align.
  2. Turn the peg over and trim off the excess (make sure your newspapers are thick enough so as not to scratch the table’s surface!).
  3. Turn your tape-covered peg upright. Do you see a gap there? Cut the tape that covers the gap and carefully tuck the tape within that space.
  4. Do the same for the other side of your peg!


Ain’t it so fun and simple? I cannot wait to use these wooden pegs now.

Pegs and Washi-2

Doodling With Pen and Ink



Hello! This is my first post on my first blog, and it’s great that somebody actually reads this stuff (aside from my husband). I remember playing around with my Pilot Hi-Tecpoint pen and sketchpad while my little girl was taking a nap. Just a few months ago, she was just attempting to stand on her own – hence the inspiration for this pen and ink illustration.


You’ll see more of this type of illustration as I’m always combining letterings with doodles. It’s just doodles when I run out of things to write. But that’s quite rare.

Fast forward a few months and she’s already walking, running, spinning, even!