Snail Mail Writing – Bringing Back the Old Days

When I was in elementary school, 4th grade perhaps, I had a pen pal from the U.K. Her name was Tara, though unfortunately I don’t remember much about her! All I know is I probably got her pen pal ad from a kiddie magazine from school and decided to be ‘pen friends’ with her. Who would’ve thought I’ll be back to writing snail mail after a very loooong time?

I just got some snail mail from my friend Paola from Spain, and I have to say that every envelope she sends is full of goodies inside. I always light up when I see something from her in our mailbox! I remember my husband saying, ‘I don’t like you. Why do you always get fancy mail?’

Snail Mail Writing via Happy Hands Project

I wasn’t looking for a pen pal last year, actually. I wanted to join a Christmas crafty mail exchange from a blog in the U.S., but unfortunately all of them wanted to exchange mail locally. There were just a handful of us from other countries and I was paired with Paola. Then the exchange didn’t happen, because of high shipping rates outside of the EU (and shipping to Singapore would be exorbitant). Well, don’t worry, I didn’t take it too hard. I looked for another mail swap and exchanged my calligraphy with a wax canvas apron by Anhaica Bag Works, but that’s another story.

Snail Mail Writing via Happy Hands Project

To my surprise, I still got mail from Paola (full of goodies, albeit lightweight) and we started exchanging mail since then! A few days ago I got a polaroid post card from Madrid and a paper garland, and before that I got some stickers and tea. I’m contemplating what to give to her this time, and I’m excited to put together something nice! I have a few other pen pals right now and I’ve just sent out a few handmade calligraphy greeting cards to them. It’s also a great way to put my calligraphy and lettering skills to good use. It’s great practice, too! How about you, would you consider sending some snail mail love?


  1. patricia September 26, 2014

    hi pauline!

    did you receive my letter?

    • Pauline September 28, 2014

      Hi Patricia! Yes, I did! Thank you so much. I’ll catch up with my letter-writing soon. 😉


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