Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering Workshops in singapore | Happy Hands Project

Photos courtesy of Jim Orca / The Untitled Space

Do you want to learn modern calligraphy and brush lettering?

Hi everyone! Here’s an update of the available classes in the next few months. I am switching from huge classes, to private and more intimate ones. This means I will have a schedule of classes up for you to choose from, and sign-ups will be in groups, with one contact person.

However, if you’re an individual looking to join a group, don’t hesitate to email me at info {at} happyhandsproject {dot} com and I can check if I can squeeze you in one of the dates.

Everything will be provided in class and yours to take home. Each workshop will be 2.5 hours long and are great for beginners aged 10 and above, except the ‘Written In Gold’ class which is for intermediate students.

Thank you all for the very warm and enthusiastic response to The Happy Hour Workshops. Much love to you all! xoxo, Pauline

Register for workshops here:
• Modern Calligraphy
Brush Lettering